US: Global Workers joins Catholic Relief Services (CRS) and others to implement new Jornaleros-SAFE project

Global Workers is proud to announce a new joint project investigating recruitment abuses of H-2A agricultural guestworkers in Mexico. Catholic Relief Services (CRS)-Mexico established the project–Jornaleros-SAFE —and invited us, and three other partners the United Farm Workers (UFW)Human Mobility Commission of the Mexican Catholic Church (DPMH) , and Independent Center for Farmworkers (CITA) to join them as implementing partners. Over the next three years, the project will document recruitment abuses of migrant workers that enter the U.S. through the H-2A agricultural guestworker program, with the goal of changing the public policy of the Mexican and U.S. governments, so that human and labor rights of these workers will be respected in the future. Between the four partner organizations we are working with 10 organizations in 7 Mexican states. Each local organization is working in their communities and interviewing migrant workers who have, are currently or will be going to participate in the H2A guest worker program in the US. Three of our Defenders are part of this project: Frente indígena de organizaciones binacionales (FIOB)Centro de Derechos Humanos Ñu’u Ji Kandií A.C., and Centro Regional de Defensa de DDHH Jose Maria Morelos y Pavon, A.C.

Global Workers joins Catholic Relief Services (CRS) and others to implement new Jornaleros-SAFE project | Global Workers Justice Alliance


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