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Switzerland will provide US$ 3.5 million to support migrants

October 7, 2011

Swiss govt to provide $3.5m to protect migrant workers’ rights


Farmer says hiring American workers a big mistake

October 7, 2011

Farmer says hiring American workers a big mistake | PRI.ORG

Migrant Workers Bring Caravan for Justice into Toronto

October 3, 2011

As Ontarians prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving, the migrant farm workers who harvest their seasonal produce are organizing to demand justice against exploitative labour conditions and unfair immigration practices. On October 2, migrant workers will bring their demands to the Ontario Ministry of Labour in Toronto in an unprecedented action. Who: Justicia for Migrant Workers

JUSTICIA FOR MIGRANT WORKERS | SUNDAY – Migrant Workers Bring Caravan for Justice into Toronto

Migrant workers caravan stops in Brantford

October 3, 2011

A migrant workers group practically relived the lives of escaped U.S. slaves as they followed the route their “forebears” in spirit took along the Underground Railway passing through Brantford.

Many of about 60 members of the Migrant Worker Solidarity Caravan for Justice, Respect and Dignity felt compelled to cover their mouths with scarves and don hoods as they gathered on Sunday morning inside S.R. Drake Memorial BME Church on Murray Street, just north of Dalhousie Street.

Migrant workers caravan stops in Brantford – Brantford Expositor – Ontario, CA